Monday, November 2, 2009

Is this an energy drink?

A couple days ago, I was taking a walk and I came across this ad.

When I was walking up to it, a tree branch covered up the shoe so all I saw was "energy unleashed", and I thought, "oh. another energy drink? I'll stop by Seven-11 and get one" (i am a huge caffeine addict). But then I saw that it was an ad for a shoe. Bad example!! When you create a tagline, it should be a very short (no more than 7-8 words, but the shorter the better) summary of your product or service. I understand why they chose that for the shoe. The shoe will help you unleash your energy...make you run faster, work harder, get less tired, make your feet hurt less, etc. However, this tagline makes it sound like they are selling an energy drink. I like the whole "unleash your energy" campaign but perhaps they should tweak the tagline a bit. Like Marc Ecko, their tagline is "Built Rhino Tough", which describes the shoe perfectly. It's durable and tough like a rhino. The shoe won't tear, fall apart, or break. Perfect!!
Now, back to their energy compaign. The message they want to send out is that the shoe is made with a special anti fatigue technology that will keep you going for longer and faster, whether you're working, running, hiking, anything. Kind of like an energy drink!! However, the shoe is NOT an energy drink and should not be marketed as such. Here's some better ideas for a tagline:

"Give your feet the energy they need"
"Taking footpower to the max"
"Run to the Sun"

I'm a bit slow today, promise to have better ideas later!

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