Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, i was browsing myspace and I saw an ad for the new Lexus car. beautiful ad. Sorry, I couldn't save it because it was a flash.

The tagline was "A luxury that's more than a luxury".

Don't really like that one much. It doesn't say much about the product. It makes it sound WAY to fancy. Like, you can't own this unless you're raking in six digit figures. Their target audience is the upper class, rich people. But there is Bill Gates rich and then there's just upper middle class and upper class rich. The tagline sounds like they're targeting Bill Gates. MORE then luxury? Damn. FAAAA-NCYYYY!
Here's a better one:

"It's more than luxury. It's Lexus."

that tells you that a Lexus is more, and better than just luxury. But it also tells you that you don't need to be Bill Gates to afford one. Because come on..everyone knows a Lexus doesn't cost $200,000. But it is a great luxury car. Cheers!!!


  1. Maybe Lexus will find this and they'll give you some money for it. Good tagline.