Thursday, November 5, 2009

Campaign Ideas

Here are some campaign ideas I have for companies!!
They're all 30-60 second TV sports.

****Carl's Jr****

Camera shows a man, about 30 years old, in jeans and a tee shirt sitting at a table.
Announcer: Hey
Ben: Huh?
A: I bet you're hungry.
B: Yes. I been working all day.
A: But you want a meal fit for a man. No puny little Big Mac with its' tiny little meat patties and three slices of bread. Who wants to eat bread when you can have meat? You want a burger with two thick meat beef patties, two slices of cheese, and a special sauce.
B: (shouts) YES!
A: you want the new Big Carl sandwich from Carl's Jr.
(sandwich appears in front of Ben, close up on the sandwich, then Ben grabs it)

(Camera shows a high school hallway, kids standing, talking, laughing)
A geeky looking girl, in a knee length skirt, knee socks, and a sweater vest is walking towards an athletic-looking football player, who's wearing his uniform.
Girl: (walks up to him, and then reaches into her bag, pulls out two cans of Coke, and hands one to the football player.)
Camera shows the geeky girl and the football player walking down the hall, holding hands, drinking Coke. Coke theme plays.


Showing 10-12 individial people, all saying what kind of car they want.
Like so:
I want a....
....with less than 30,000 miles
....with heated seats
....under $15,000...
And I found it (repeat 10x)
On (repeat 10x)

***BlackBerry Phone****

Camera shows a man running frantically out of his house, looking at his Blackberry. (Close up of BB screen, message reads, "pick kids up" )He jumps into his car, seconds later, his three kids pile in. He drops each kid off at a different after school activity, then checks his BB again, screen reads "pick up groceries". He pulls up to a grocery store, cut to driving up to the house, with kids in the car. Cut to man putting dishes on table, looking at his BlackBerry, text message from his wife, "Almost home!".
Door opens and she walks in.
Announcer: The new BlackBerry. Fits your hand and your hectic lifestyle.

(this'll probably be a 60 second TV sport)

Little Ceaser's Pizza
Words appearing on screen as announcer says them:
Subway: $5 footlong sandwich. Serves: 1 person
KFC: $5 Fill up Box. Serves: 1 person
Quizno's $5 toasted Sub. Servrs: 1 person.
Pizza Hut: $5 personal pizza. Serves: 1 person.

So to feed a family of 4, you'll have to spend $20.
Camera shows a close up of a pizza, with melted cheese and pepperoni all over it.
A: At Little Ceaser's, you can get a large pizza for just $5 all day, every day. How's that for a value meal?


  1. I loved the Vehix and the Coke commercial... you should have put your Blackberry Storm commercial idea on there too!! :)

  2. Good job. I can see any one of those playing on my TV till I yell at it for showing too many commercials.