Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Duracell charger pack

I noticed alot of ads for the Duracell drop n go charger pack. I like them!!! It's called the MyGrid. The point of the grid is to just drop your phone on it, and the it will charge it-wirelessly! how cool is that??

But, the ads really comminicate the message. Like, have you ever lost your phone or your charger? i'm sure your home has more than one cell phone and they're all in different locations! Must be a hastle getting your kids ready for school in the morning. And cooking breakfast. And damn, where did I put my phone? Honey, please call my cell. i can't find it! The MyGrid ads communicate just that. Bravo!!! When i see the ad i think, "I need me one of those!" YOU'VE DONE YOUR JOB, DURCACELL!!!!

One minor critique. On the billboard that says:

it'd be better get rid of that first dot. have it say "Just drop and go". Nothing wrong with the tag line. But that just looks better. Eye candy!!!

But here are some other cool tag lines:
"Now if we could only help you find your car keys"
"Now, your phone is one less thing to find"
"Everything should be that simple"