Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ed Hardy

You guys know I LOVE LOVE Ed Hardy.

So I made them a tagline!

"Fashion as unique as you are"

Think about it. Each design is beautiful, unique, and different.

You have the design "Love Kills Slowly", sad. Something you think after a breakup.

Then you have a "Love Eternal" design. Happy. Perfect for when you beleive in love or know you are loved.

The Koi fish and the Tiger logos are awesome to wear on any day, any occasion.

And the Geisha, an ancient Chinese tradition, is also one of his designs. There's so many i can't list them all.

you can take these fashions and make them your own. whatever your personality or lifestyle is, Ed Hardy has a design for you. Each one is unique, just like the perosn wearing it.