Friday, October 30, 2009

Carl's Jr. : Fast Food or Brothel?

Since I am majoring in advertising, Ii'm thiking of using this blong to critique commercials. TV spots, billboards, print ads, anything. Here's my first one!!

First off, don't get me wrong. I love Carl's Jr. Great food.
However, the commercials are not the best.
Here's an example of a print ad:

Yes, I get it. Sex sells. Wanna sell your stuff? Use sex! But Carl's Jr goes way overboard with that. Here's another one:

What are you trying to sell? Hookers or burgers?
Another MAJOR (critical!! crucial!!!) factor of advertising is the appeal to a target audiance. I am sure Carl Jr's target audiance is men, women, and children. However, with these kinds of ads, it seems their target aduiance is horny men. You're leaving out 2/3 of the people you want to reach.
They have great ads, such the Big Carl TV Sport:

This is very good. I know exactly what you're trying to sell (a burger, not a hooker!) and it appeals to a target audiance that is not strictly of the male gender.

Yes, I know, sex sells, and it's perfectly normal to include sex in one or two ads. But not the majority of your ads. Men enjoy these commercials just to look at the women while paying no attention to what's really being advertised (food!).
I know men love these ads..but...Carl's Jr. is not a brothel or a Playboy. They serve fast food, not fast sex.


  1. Um.......the adds don't bother me at all for some reason! LOL! Now I'm hungry and I want my girl to come over! Wish we had Carl's Jr here in Houston!

  2. The ads with the hookers are only targeting teenage boys.

    Apparently they think teenage boys are dumb enough to believe if they go down to Carls Jr. they have a shot of meeting and hooking up with one of these models. I think this is a very logical assumption.

  3. I fell for it not because of the girl in the ad's sex appeal but because she made think the burger tasted soooo good lol but then I tried the teriyaki burger and never again... had a stomach ache for a couple hours. I know I should have known better.