Friday, October 30, 2009

It's almost Halloween

Well, it's October 30, 2009. Halloween is in less than 12 hours. Being a huge horror fan since the age of 5, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I just love that day, where I don't have to be me. On Halloween, I can be anybody I want. I can be a rock star. I can be rich and famous. I can be a sexy nurse or a firefighter. I can be Freddy Kreuger and terrorize your dreams. I can fight crime with BatMan, terrorize Crystal Lake as Jason Voorhees, anything. There's really no limit. And then there is the decorations. I love seeing houses draped in skulls and spider webs. Something about it just makes me feel alive. You don't see that every day (unless you're in my room). On Halloween, the world is like it came from my head. The night hugs and embraces me, makes me feel safe. Despite what they say in movies, those creatures can't get me in the night. The darkness obscures me from them. And even if they do find me, it's ok. We're all friends here. And on Halloween, it's the darkest night of all.
Then we have the haunted houses. I love them. Monsters, killers, things that go bump in the night, all in one place. Edgar Allen Poe said in The Raven, "it shocked me, thrilled me, filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before". That's how I felt when I went to my first haunted house. Now, I love those terrors. Bring it on.
And last but not least, the candy. Go door to door and get free candy. Who doesn't love that?

Well, horror movie time. Later on my bloggers!!!


  1. Happy Halloween NinjaBunny!!! Enjoy your day! Have a bast! Check ya on Twitter!

  2. I've never really been a fan of Halloween after the age of 15. But I loved it when I was a kid. You'll love it when you get kids, I know I will.

  3. Lovely first post, NinjaBunny! Enjoy your horror movies and I hope to hear about which ones you watched! GO GET YOUR CANDY TOMORROW! (I am too old to Trick or Treat. I tried when I was like 18 and got very dirty looks, even yelled at. Plus, I was a very tall kid for my age. That didnt help any!

  4. Happy Halloween Ninjabunny!

    Hope you had the crap scared out of you on Halloween.

    Well not literally.

    You know what I mean.